On October 31, Chairman Wang Jiazheng, the Executive Chairman of the New Zealand-China Commodity Expo Organizing Committee and President of the New Zealand Guangdong Chamber of Commerce, accompanied by Expo Secretary Ye Qiang, visited Director Wang Jianwen at the Auckland Chinese Cultural Center.

Director Wang Jianwen first led Chairman Wang Jiazheng on a tour of the soon-to-be-renovated office building located in the center of Auckland. He introduced the business functions and work situation of the Auckland Chinese Cultural Center.

The Auckland Chinese Cultural Center is an official cultural institution established by the Chinese government in Auckland, New Zealand. Adhering to the principles of “quality, popularity, friendliness, and cooperation,” the center provides cultural activities, art training, information services, and tourism promotion to the people of New Zealand. It introduces excellent traditional and contemporary Chinese culture, showcases the “Hello, China!” tourism image, and promotes cultural and tourism exchanges and cooperation between China and New Zealand. Since officially operating in Auckland in November of last year, the center has successfully planned, organized, and participated in various cultural exchange and dissemination activities. It has garnered strong responses from mainstream society and the Chinese community in New Zealand, receiving high praise.

Chairman Wang Jiazheng briefed Director Wang Jianwen on the upcoming inaugural New Zealand-China Commodity Expo. After more than three months of intense preparation, the expo’s exhibition recruitment is progressing smoothly, attracting over 120 exhibitors, including central enterprises from China, provincial and municipal enterprises, and well-known local companies in New Zealand. They will showcase tens of thousands of high-quality products, reflecting the fruitful results of economic and trade cooperation between China and New Zealand. The expo will also feature a cultural and tourism special zone, with New Zealand Chinese travel agencies collaborating with several airlines and travel companies from China and New Zealand to actively promote rich tourism products and services to the people of New Zealand. Simultaneously, they will recommend New Zealand’s unique tourism resources to the people of China, creating a mutually beneficial pattern where culture and commerce complement each other.

Director Wang Jianwen highly praised the organization of the New Zealand-China Commodity Expo, considering it a significant development for economic and trade cooperation and people-to-people exchanges between the two countries. He believes that it truly embodies the Chinese government’s advocacy for smooth trade and people-to-people connectivity. The Auckland Chinese Cultural Center will actively participate in the expo. Finally, through a video message, Director Wang Jianwen, on behalf of the Auckland Chinese Cultural Center, wished the first New Zealand-China Commodity Expo a complete success.